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It’s inspiring to see so many people becoming health conscious and daring to take the first steps in healing their physical structures with nature’s nutritional medicine — fruits and veggies. With documentaries like Food Inc. exposing the under belly of America’s interconnected agriculture, fast food and produce industries, many people are beginning to question what they’ve been told about eating and the science of food.

Like much of most of the knowledge that truly is of value to the overall progression of the human race, the miracle of living foods has gone through the usual cycles of exploitation. Research and studies on the miracle healing benefits of living foods has been criticized, suppressed, re-discovered, popularized and brought forth into the general American public health-conscious community as the “new” eating paradigm.

Many consumers adopt popular diet trends in the hopes of finding long-lasting cures. But they still lack the information needed to assist in actual implementation. I find this to be particularly true for the living foods and juicing movement. This is partly due to commercialization, which only reveals and sells certain aspects of the miracles of living foods. However, wholistic living is just that — whole — and comprehensive. Try reading these following top books, which go beyond the usual information and delve deep into nutrition and the importance of overall healing. Read the following books and increase your understanding to an “overstanding” so no matter what way you decide to consume, you will have the tools necessary to truly know what your body is going through every bite of the way.

THE MUCUSLESS HEALING SYSTEM: Originally released in the early 1900s, Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet Healing System is a must read for all people looking to transition into a living lifestyle. It surprising that while the raw food trend seems to be exploding on the scene, the knowledge in this fast and pleasurable read has been around for more than a century. The book delves into Ehret’s own health problems and how he healed himself by eating muscusless foods. The book is also a sort of bible to fasting and even covers how to increase your sex drive by eating clean foods.

Considered controversial at the time of publication, The Mucusless Healing System is easy to understand, conceptualize and most importantly apply. Erhet’s voice will no doubt leave some readers shocked as his approach is bold and strait-forward. Even if you cannot apply all of the recommendations in the book, reading it will, if nothing else provide you with useful information on the various categories of foods and how they affect the human structure.



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NUTRITION FOR VEGETARIANS: Written by Agatha M. and Calvin L. Thrash, this tag-team guide to vegetarian nutrition is beyond useful. While it does not outright recommend an all-live consumption plan, it provides a scientific, nutritional foundation for both vegan and live foods diets. This read, also short and sweet, will give any reader the information they seek about transitioning into a vegan lifestyle. With chapters on metabolism, protein, carbohydrates and even a vegetarian diets for children, Nutrition for Vegetarians is useful for anyone looking to know more about how the body interacts with various foods. What makes it even better, both Agatha and Calvin are medical doctors. So, even if you’re not a vegetarian, vegan or live foodist, you’ll find this read helpful and necessary.



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SPIRITUAL NUTRITION: Author and Living Foods pioneer Gabriel Cousens, M.D. goes beyond the usual how to on living foods in Spiritual Nutrition. Every person seeking to expand beyond the physical benefits of live foods should read this book. You’re sure to up your knowledge on all forms of energy sources. Not for the faint of heart, this 600-plus page book covers it all, from mineral waters to the importance of consuming sunlight. It also delves deeply into the spiritual aspects of eating living foods. If you’re bored with the run-of-the-mill information about living foods and look to expand your knowledge beyond plant foods, this read is definitely for you.



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