About Us

Back-2-Live By Chef India is a living, vegan lifestyle company located in Belize, Central America. As the spirit child of India Camiel, the company offers an array of products and services that promote a truly whole, living, vegan experience. Whether you’re seeking to transition into clean cooked vegan foods or become a 100% living foodist, Back-2-Live By Chef India is ready to play an interactive role in your journey and development.
Life consumption is so much more than simply the foods we eat, it’s wholistic. And for this very reason, Back-2-Live By Chef India provides an array of products and services that are affordable, practical and necessary in maintaining a Living Lifestyle. Because As we like to say at Back-2-Live, “Living Foods & Vibrations for A Living Body.”.

  • Transitional and Detox Do-it-Yourself Meal Plans
  • Facilitated & Supervised Detoxification Programs
  • Corporate Wellness & Group Workshops
  • 1-on-1 Private Living Foods Prep & Cooked Vegan Courses
  • Private Cheffing & Catering
  • All Live & Cooked Vegan Snack and Food Options
  • Nutritional Consulting

As a certified Special Living Foods Nutritionist, Gourmet Vegan Living Foods Chef, Detoxification Specialist, Living Lifestyle Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and TV personality, Chef India Camiel has partnered with some of the most well-known professionals in the business of Living Foods. She also has undergone her own healing journey with living foods and life vibrations. Now 100 % Living Vegan for 7 years and having completed studies and apprenticeship programs with The Vegan Network and Sunfired Culinary Institute,  what began as a journey steeped in decades of dis-ease has evolved into a purpose in action to spread the vibration of life through culinary creations, products and services that are in alignment with the collective goal to heal ourselves, thus humanity, thus Mother Earth by returning to the original vegetarian consumption.

Meet Chef India

Greetings, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Chef India.

I’m just an ordinary woman in love with living foods. When I was a child, I would experiment with different flavors to enhance the taste of ordinary dishes. This quickly earned me the reputation as the family food concocter, and not in a good way. To say the least, most of my family were afraid to try anything I made. Out of compassion and sometimes pity, an aunt or cousin would taste an India original.

But, this occasion was few and far between. Nonetheless, I almost always enjoyed what I created.


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