What Are Living Foods?

By definition, any food that has not been heated at or above 117 degrees for more than 3 minutes is considered living.  Vegan foods are foods that do not contain ANY animal products. Of course varying foods have different levels of heat tolerance before nutrients and vital enzymes begin to break down and be destroyed. Living, vegan foods include nuts, seeds, legumes, vegetables and fruits. You will be surprised by all the dishes you can create with these five classifications of foods. Most of us eat these foods anyway. But we are not accustomed to preparing them without heat or fire. Believe it or not, you can make just about all your cooked favorites ALL LIVE.  All it takes is some imagination and inspiration.

Chef India’s philosophy stresses that because human beings are literally alive, our bodies operate best when we match it with like energy – LIVING FOODS.  “Living Foods for Living Bodies” is Chef India’s claim to fame. When one consumes living foods that are prepared correctly and nutritionally balanced, one experiences the joy that comes from knowing FINALLY how to eat to BE ALIVE.

All natural foods in their natural state contain powerful digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals. However, once these foods are heated, they become denatured and depleted of these essential substances that are vital for the body to feed itself, heal itself and finally optimize itself.  This is the reason why living foodists usually have a “glow”, because they are being 100% fully nurtured from the inside out.

Do Live-Foodists Eat Animal Products?

There are non-vegan raw foodists who consume raw animal products and foods, such as raw milk and cheese as well as raw animal meat. Individuals who choose to consume raw animal products along with vegetables and fruits follow a Paleolithic diet. Paleolithic diets are nearly, if not completely void of grains, especially those that contain gluten. However, this consumption could be higher in animal fats, though natural of course, still have a constipating affect on nature’s temple – The body.

What’s All The Fuss About Live Food About?

In all actuality you don’t have to be a vegan or a live foodist to feel good or even continue to live. However, because our bodies are organic living beings that have living, beings living from and on it, we tend to collect from our environment. It is a fact that humans are being more and more exposed to harmful chemicals and agents through the air, water and foods, which cause a variety of dis-eases. And on top of it all, we continue to contaminate ourselves with substances that contain harmful ingredients. Because of this, America’s population is experiencing epidemic proportions of people who are terminally  ill with cancer, obesity and GI issues among other dis-eases.

A lot can be said about the problems. But it’s time for solutions. This is why consuming living foods is key to longevity. Because we are constantly being littered and are littering our own bodies with various kinds of trash, we must begin to seek ways to cleanse the body from collected waste, which slows us down and imprisons us in our own skin.

Because live food has been ripened on the tree in the sun and has not been cooked on a stove, it contains a higher amounts of vitamins, minerals, sugars, and most importantly enzymes that work to heal, repair and rejuvenate the human body. Enzymes are what allows the body to function harmoniously. When we eat depleted foods and foods that have been altered genetically or through chemical pesticides, our bodies must use its own enzymes to break down food stuff – A job that is ordained for food itself.

Enzymes help to maintain the body at every level. Have you bruised your knee and need to heal? Enzymes are on their way. But once used, they cannot be replaced, so over a period of years of consuming foods that are lacking enzymes and our bodies being required to pull from it’s own enzymatic bank, the machine breaks down and dis-ease begins to form.

Eating live foods constantly allows for cleansing to occur. Because they readily contain water, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals that are in their pure state, live foods contain the highest level of nutritional value. Not only is your body eliminating waste from all areas, but it’s receiving supreme nutrition for sustenance and healing as well.

Though many people are drawn to a living lifestyle because of physical goals, ultimately living live is about uplifting your spiritual being by taking the first steps to cleans out your physical temple.

Should I Go All Live?

Everyone has their own journey to follow. I can testify without a shadow of a doubt that LIVE FOODS are one of the most essential keys to unlocking complete and total well-being. For so many years I suffered from discomforts that I thought were normal. Now knowing that it had more to do with what I ate, I feel a heavy weight lifted from my shoulders. I also feel empowered because I have the tools necessary to not be ill like I was, ever again.

How you decide to reach your desired zenith is entirely up to you, and I feel when asking yourself should you go live or not, it may be helpful to remind yourself that you are the sum of your parts. Yes, you are what you consume. And, your body will respond accordingly to what it intakes. This is neither negative nor positive. It just is.

Preparation is key in living a live lifestyle, whether you are considering gong ALL LIVE or want to incorporate more living foods into  your meals. The first step to transitioning into a living lifestyle or incorporating more live foods into your eating program is to educate yourself. Don’t take our word for it. Experience the difference for yourself. And remember to be gentle with yourself. After all a living lifestyle is a life-long journey in which we never arrive, we just learn how to better care for ourself.