Want to learn from the Gourmet Vegetarian/Vegan Living Foods Culinary Alchemist Chef herself? Long not in vain. With 1-on-1 online classes and in-person certification Belize retreats, you’ll get that divine guidance needed to enter into the next phase of your living lifestyle. Back2live affords you with an array of options, which will allow you to commit at whatever level makes you comfortable, which also in turn accommodates the spiritual contract you have set with self to be a healthier, more fulfilled you in body, mind and spirit.

All of our virtual online learning experiences include Chef India’s real-time presence to better guide you each step of the way. Rest assured, Chef India will be live virtually on the other end. Before the online courses commence, Chef India provides you with a shopping list and detailed syllabi so you are well prepared to dive right into learning the skills, which will no doubt ascend you to the next desired level.


This one-on-one in-person experience through the culinary side of living foods, allows you to get your feet wet

per-se. Students have the choice from the list of topics provided in our in-person course outline. Also, if there is

a topic you are just itching to learn about and it is not listed on the outline, feel free to inquire. Chef India is always

open to expanding in the areas of learning and education.


Are you looking to learn the basics of All Live All Vegan food prep? Or maybe you’re well trained and wish to learn what secrets Chef India has? This introduction 10-Hour All Raw Food Preparation Certification affords the student the flexibility to learn just what he or she needs to know in regards to living food prep. It covers the basics, such as nutmeats, cheeses, breads, soups and salads.

Though this is a virtual experience, you’ll have the presence of Chef India each step of the way, as this course is a real time course, which means Chef India will be live virtually on the other end. Before the online courses commence, Chef India provides you with a shopping list and detailed syllabi so you are well prepared to dive right into learning the skills, which will no doubt ascend you to the next desired level.


This option is perfect for the student who desires to go a little beyond the basics in living food preparation. It includes additional cuisine training of cakes, fermented foods, crackers, smoothies and “nice” creams (ice cream). In this class students learn to make foods that will keep them on track in personal eating goals, as it provides training in the basic food groups most students seek as well as expands into more comfort foods that many find hard to replicate or even find at their favorite local vegan/vegetarian/raw food restaurants.


If you know it’s time to get the full monte in Living Foods preparation training, this option if for you. Chef India goes all the way with you in this complete 25-hour virtual course. In addition to what’s learned in the other certification courses, you’ll learn how to prepare a number of Chef India’s most desired signature dishes, such as the Garden Fresh Pizza Mana and even the famed Carrots of the Sea sandwich. In addition to signature dishes you’ll learn how to impress any level of guests at your next dinner party or social function in the class Entertaining Appetizers. And not to worry about how your children may receive all the new food you’re making. In the class All Live Nutrition for Children, students learn how to create balanced nutritious all live foods that children are known to love, such as pasta, cookies and so forth. Beyond the culinary experience, Chef India also shares her knowledge in children’s nutrition and general nutrition that will no doubly allow you to make sure your children are intaking all the nutrients needs for growing bodies. This class even extends to pregnant women as well.

Lastly, if you still desire to implement some level of cooked foods into your consumption, the Complete Certification Food Prep Course makes space for this in the Clean Vegan Cooking class.

This package is truly the ultimate when it comes to the full spectrum of Living Food Gourmet Cuisine and implementation of lifestyle changes that allow your shifts to be sustained.


Are you looking for answers you can identify with and apply to your every day life?

Consult with Chef India and get the answers you are looking for to assist you in your goals toward longevity, rejuvenation and physical freedom from dis-ease.

Do you already enjoy the benefits of a vegetarian, vegan or living foods lifestyle, but experience undesirable bodily discomforts or wish to meet specific fitness or nutritional goals? Consult with Chef India and she’ll personally give you studied recommendations, suggestions and nutritional information about how you can incorporate vegan and living foods into a successful consumption plan for yourself

Because we are a “wholistic” company, we also include 3rd party herbal recommendations as well as the suggested retailer’s information to assist you in your overall healing. As a person who has, and is still recovering from a lifetime of bodily abuse, damaging nutrition habits and a mis-education about what is actually “food” for my body, I implement an all-healers-on-deck approach that includes herbs and supplemental recommendations. I understand in every goal and dream there is process first. And, in this process, my clients must have foods and supplement options that assist and serve as replacements for “bad” foods at any level of transitional nutrition.

As one of the favorite parts of my occupation, consulting allows me to give back, share my expertise and play an intimate role in clients’ development, growth and healing- a task I don’t take lightly.