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Detox has become the new popular health and fitness fad craze word. Detox programs are being sold just about everywhere. With the plethora of options offered, many people are either lost in the details or are just not achieving the results they’re seeking. With many truths about the benefits of cleansing the body exploding on the scene, there’s just as much misinformation circulating as well. When researching your next detox program, consider these facts and fallacies. They could save you time, money, and maybe even your life.



Some very popular raw food restaurants are selling so called detox packages that include solid foods. On the sample menus: nut milks, dates, mixed green salads with avocado & beets, various melon salads, and fruit and vegetable juices. While eating cleaner foods will assist the body in eliminating waste, in the loosest of terms can be called a detox, this sort of menu hardly sticks to the true and proved, old-school methods of detoxing, which involves only elimination not processing.

Digesting is one of the most arduous tasks we can ask our bodies to perform. Often called the second brain, the GI tract’s main function of digesting can operate completely independent of the brain itself. Detoxing by definition is synonymous with elimination. It’s a fact that the body cannot eliminate while processing at the same time. So, while cleaner solid foods, such as green salads and fruit smoothies will assist in eliminating waste from the body, these foods still require processing. Therefore complete elimination cannot occur.

Now, let’s add foods that contain protein, fat and fiber, such as avocados, almonds and beets to the mix. All of these foods contain significant building elements, which is in direct contradiction to the very idea and philosophy of detoxing, which only functions to break down.

So, next time you order a detox program consider how much you want to eliminate. Or if you cannot see yourself not eating solid foods, consider a herbal detox, which usually includes eating solid foods. The herbs will cleanse the various organs and colon and the food stuff will help drag out the waste. With that said, the best way to detox the body from the Back2live perspective is to juice or coconut water fast. This allows for a complete bodily shutdown and elimination. Personally I can attest to this. Before completing my first 6-day juice fast, I had successfully completed 2 full body herbal detox programs. However, it wasn’t until I completed the juice fast, that I eliminated a large, black, putrid waste from my colon. After eliminating this waste, I was sold. Now 5 years later, I have completed numerous juice fasts, up to 44 days. I will be a juice faster for life.



Contrary to the bad rap simple sugars get, detoxing with fruit juice is one of the most effective ways one can cleanse their system. Many people ask “Isn’t sugar bad for you.? … Doesn’t it feed Candida? … Doesn’t sugar cause diabetes?”

There are many facets to answering some of these most common oppositional questions. Of course one must take into consideration their current health condition, but we’ll cover the basics. First and foremost, sugar is not bad for you. The body requires sugars, i.e. carbohydrates for energy production. When it comes to sugars, it’s all about the quality and not so much quantity. Simple sugars, such as glucose, which are supplied mainly by fruits, feed the nervous system. Without them you may experience agitation, memory malfunction and other physical impairments. When detoxing, simple fruit sugars provide the body with well-needed energy, which can remedy detox fatigue. However, most so called “bad” sugars are complex sugars that require the body to work harder to extract, break down into glucose and use as energy. Some of these complex carbohydrates include starches and grains. Because the glucose is not readily available as in fruits, more processing must occur for the body to utilize the glucose. Eating complex and or processed sugars is one of the leading causes of the body loosing its ability to manage sugar levels in the blood.

When Candida overgrowth is involved, it is best to detox with less sweet juices or high water  vegetable juices as this will bring the body back into an alkaline state faster. However, if you include some fruit juices this will only assist the elimination process. Stay away from more complex carbs if you are not inclined to be physically active. Even then, I’ve found that simple glucose sugars provide all that is needed for the body to sustain optimal energy.

If you are adamant about not consuming high amounts of sugar or you have a pre-existing health condition, such as diabetes and wish to detox, try juicing fruits that contain little to no sugar content. Some of these fruits include cucumber, lemons, tomatoes and even your vegetable fruits.



Contrary to what most of us have been told about adding a physical workout routine to a detox program, doing so assists in the wholistic elimination process and in most instances have positive euphoric effects. Many people believe solid food is needed to fuel a workout, but this can weigh one down. Performing light workouts, such as yoga an easy jog, or brisk walk will spur perspiration and further detox, actually decreasing fatigue. In fact, the more fatigued you feel, chances are there’s a high amount of toxins circulating in the bloodstream. A light workout will only help to remove the vary toxins contaminating the bloodstream. Above all, listen to your body first. Don’t force anything. If you are feeling fatigued and or exhausted, don’t push yourself to workout. Take a hot bath or sit in the sauna to perspire.



Detoxing is commonly painted as a painless, picturesque experience void of discomfort, when in fact it’s quite the opposite. Yes, the outcome is, and should be a well-earned harmonious, glorious victory. But the process is work. It takes dedication and can even feel like hell. Headaches, constipation, joint aches, skin rashes, breakouts, even hunger are all part of the process. These side effects occur because eliminated toxins enter the blood stream and begin to circulate through the body. The worse you feel, chances are the more toxic your system is. Remember, your colon is not the only organ that eliminates waste during a detox, and specifically a juice fast. Your heart eliminates waste. Your liver is eliminating. Your lungs are eliminating. Even your skin, which is the body’s largest organ, serves as an eliminatory channel. If you are experiencing adverse side effects, stay calm and remember the discomfort will pass. Also, try giving yourself an enema or find a way to sweat. This will decrease the severity of your side effects and will assist in pushing out the eliminated waste. Lastly, pay attention to your body. If you need to discontinue your detox because your body is dumping toxins at such a high rate, that’s OK too. Discontinue, but don’t be discouraged to “pick yourself up and try again.” And make sure to break any fast with large fruit meals.

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