Nutritional Consulting & Meal Planning

Are you looking to take your food consumption to the next healthy whole life level, but haven’t success doing it all on your lonesome? Maybe it’s time you give Back-2-Live’s meal plans a try. Whether you’re seeking to transition from eating animal products, into a vegan consumption, we have the plan that is guaranteed to help you reach that next level. All of our meal plans include the following:

  • 24-7 Timed Schedule for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and dessert
  • Super Foods & Superior Foods Glossary
  • At least 30 gourmet yet simple Chef India recipes, including juices, salads, protein shakes, entrees and desserts
  • Food Combining Guideline
  • Location Finder for Food Ingredients
  • Plant Kingdom Food Wheel

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Transitional Vegan Meal Plans:

While these meal plans focus on transitioning into vegan cooked foods instead of all living, all of the recipes follow Back-2-Live’s model that hydration is key. Because of this, the Transitional Vegan Meal Plans outlines for at least 40% living foods. This 60 – 40 ratio of living and cooked foods, allows you to enjoy what may either be a transitional phase or a lasting lifestyle change, either way netting results. In her nutritional consulting, Chef India stresses the importance of water foods, and as a result, so do her meal plans. Back-2-Live’s cooked vegan meal plans are also a step above the average, as they apply the highest level of “clean” cooking and eating practices and principles, with soy-free, gluten-free and additive-free options.
If you have special needs beyond the standard meal plan, you can always have us personalize and customize your own. This meal plan option is best for those new to the vegan movement or even those who are vegan but seek to consume more balanced and clean.



Are you trying to cut or curb your intake of animal products, but feel like your in a sea of the unknown?Transitioning into anything in life can be challenging. And during such times having the support necessary to enact new knowledge is paramount.SOMETIMES YOU JUST NEED A GOOD LIFESTYLE COACH AND THIS MEAL PLAN ACTS AS YOUR COACH. ACCORDING TO STATISTICS 40% of people think coaching would take longer than 6 months to achieve results. Studies show it can happen in as little as 1 month. The 30-day Transitional Meal Plan is not just for beginners to the vegan and living food journey, but also for those who have some level of experience in vegan cooking and wish to learn and apply new information and living food recipes.Chef India has compiled her 10+ years of experience; knowledge gained through hundreds of successful raw food and juice detoxification programs and years of cheffing gourmet cuisine into a 30-day plan that can work for anyone at any level of experience. PLUS IT’S A JOY BECAUSE THE FOODS ARE KNOWN TO BE DELICIOUS AND SATISFYING.
* 45+ RECIPES Juices; Protein Shakes; Smoothies; Nut Burger; Better Than Tuna Sandwich
* TOPICS COVERED – Proper Food Combining; Common Dis-Eases Definitions & General Recommendations for states; Superior & Super foods Glossary; Heavy Metal Toxicity Removal; Daily Recommended Eating Scheduled Regiment: Vegan and Raw Food Snack Resources; Online Additional Food Ordering Resources.
* CHEMICAL ADDITIVE AVOIDANCE LIST – This list outlines some of the most commonly used chemicals and additives in packaged foods. It also includes the effects and what exactly the chemical is used for.
* VEGAN SNACK RESOURCE LIST – Having a hard time kicking those cookies and chips or other snacks that are NOT VEGAN? No worries, Back2live by Chef India got you covered. We’ll network you with the vegan goods to get you through.


All Live & Detox Meal Plans:

Whether you’re looking to jump-start into all-live eating, or you’re looking to adapt all live in an effort to detox, Back-2-Live by Chef India has every base covered. Chef India became known for her ability to bring textures alive and flavors to the palate forefront with delight. Now you can access that knowledge right from the comfort of your own kitchen. Unlock your creativity as Chef India takes you on a journey through living vegan foods. This meal plan is 100% all live, all vegan. It does not include ANY wheat products as well. The all live plan also includes a detox day as an option to get you even closer to the whole life goal. These plans follow the same structure of the transitional meal plan, JUST NO COOKED FOODS.

This plan is designed for the individual or family looking to become All Live or those looking to detox or loose weight with living foods.

Want another opinion other than our own? Click here to see what results others have had with Back-2-Live’s Transitional Vegan Meal Plans.



Looking to get your feet wet, but don’t want to make a huge investment until you are sure Back2live is for you?

Try our 7-Day Starter Standard Living Foods Meal Plan w/ Detox Options. It’s the perfect way to jump start a new lifestyle change, get a rebooted with a delicious and easy raw food detox and meal plan that is easy to use and affordable to maintain.

PLUS the meal plan has more than 25 living and cooked vegan food, including juices, smoothies, protein shakes, salads, fruit items, cooked vegan entrees and raw nutmeats, “cheeses”, burger & better than tuna sandwich.






Imagine your own online digital meal plan made just for you with printable recipes, nutritional facts and your own nutritional profile that lists your daily intake caloric goals. Well no fantasy here, Introducing the weekly personalized meal plan hub. It’s designed just or you and includes an online consultation to make sure your plan addresses any states of disfunction and dis-ease in the body and or any specific goals you have for yourself, such as weight-waste loss.

The weekly hub includes:

  • COMPREHENSIVE OVERALL WHOLISTIC MEAL PLAN THAT INCORPORATES MENTAL, EMOTIONAL AND SPIRITUAL SUB-PAGES TO ENHANCE OVERALL EXPERIENCE OF LIFESTYLE CHANGE YOU DETERMINE YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE AND GROW INTO. This can include a guided mediation page or even a guided dance video to loosen the physical body and increase your energy and possibility of success in the overall meal plan process.
  • This hub process is 14-days and includes the 1-hour consult and PDF review.

This program also includes a weekly 15 minute check in via phone, Skype or Facebook.  As it is personalized, the plan’s detox section, if any, will be decided with client who wishes to address specifics that the general plans do not cover.

*16 Entree Recipes

*10 Juice Recipes

* 6 Video Recipe Access

*5 Snack Recipes

*4 Protein Shake Recipes

*3 Back2live Signature

*5 Cooked Clean Vegan Recipes

*45 Minute Nutritional Consultation

* Any additional or replacement recipes contingent on the client’s needs, including special recipes designed to address allergies and food aversions.

Following the first 30-days, if you choose to continue to require Back2live’s support, you can renew your hub membership for only $40 USD per week. This weekly membership also gives you access to special recipe/travel video shows; monthly recipe booklets; online webinar lectures and more.